Buy Vs Lease | The Advantages of Each Option

Should You Buy or Lease Your New Ford?

Weighing the pros and cons of the buy versus lease decision? Grieco Ford of Delray Beach is here to provide clarity for whatever issues that drivers from Delray Beach, Boca Raton and Boynton Beach may be coming up with. We've laid out the factors that you need to assess before deciding how to finance your new Ford model here in our Delray Beach showroom! So, whether it's the new Ford F-150, Mustang, Explorer, Fusion, Escape, Edge, or other model you're after, let us walk you through the pros and cons of leasing the vehicle versus financing it here in Delray Beach. 


The Appeal of Buying a New Ford Model Near Boca Raton

  • An outright purchase of a vehicle means that you have complete control over your automotive investment
  • This includes the number of miles that you wish to drive, with mileage restrictions a thing of the past
  • Drivers from Delray Beach and Boca Raton even get to enjoy the possibilities of customizing your vehicle with no limitations attached
  • With a freedom to trade-in or sell at any time, you can take pride in the equity that you are building throughout ownership


The Draw of Leasing a New Ford Model Near Boynton Beach

  • Leasing tends to be the less expensive option of the two, with the possibility of no down payment and lower monthly payments in general
  • The decision to lease still means that you get to drive a new Ford model with the most refined features, modern capability, and quality innovation
  • At the end of a Ford lease agreement, turn your vehicle in, choose to purchase it outright, or even upgrade to a more modern model
  • Enjoy being able to move on from a vehicle after every few years, with no long-term commitment

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The advantages we've listed above are important points to begin considering for drivers from Delray Beach, Boca Rotan and Boynton Beach, but they are not the end game. Our finance experts here at the dealership can help tailor your preferences and personal factors to match the right plan for you. We can also go over our Grieco Difference and features such as our three day or 150 miles money back guarantee on new and pre-owned vehicles from our inventory! In the end, we just want to see you drive away in a new Ford with a financing plan that suits your budget and lifestyle so that you can feel confident in your decision. 

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